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The Factory Hall, a new University Residence in Segovia



The Factory Residence Hall is a new University residence which is located in a brilliant new building in “Calle Los Vargas” in the San Lorenzo neighborhood (Segovia). Opened in September it has, dining halls, a total of 120 individual rooms and common areas designed to facilitate the stay in Segovia of foreign students. In fact, the Factory was born as an answer to the need for such facilities by both students and teaching faculty alike and although has no direct ties with the I.E. University, it mainly caters to them. Although open to any person linked to a University they have signed an agreement with the I.E. University and gives preference to anybody coming from there as stated by employees from the residence. The Factory already has 40 residents from the I.E. most of them foreigners. The company has employed 10 people to date.

FactoryhabThe University from the Santa Cruz campus finds in this way a partial solution to one of its obsessions since the establishment in Segovia, to solve its residential needs for its alumni. “Abroad and specially in America, the concept of studying away from home cannot be separated from living in a University environment, they find it strange to live in a flat”, as is explained by a professor at I.E. So, from the beginning the I.E. University has had difficulties in finding a home for its faculty staff and almost one thousand students.

In the University’s web different agreements with several residence halls in Madrid and now in Segovia managed directly by the I.E. University as is Reyes Catolicos with a capacity of 80 students is shown.

  • The Factory Residence Hall
  • Calle Vargas, 17, Segovia
  • +34 921424650 residencia.estu@gmail.com
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