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Visit the town of Pedraza


Pedraza square views

Pedraza square views

In the heart of the Segovian countryside we can find the village of Pedraza; one of the most picturesque and beautiful towns in Spain.

It is a small medieval Castilian town, protected by a thick wall enclosure and with a castle dated from the XIII century. It has a beautiful square surrounded by buildings with balconies and narrow streets, still well preserved which transports you off to the times of knights and epic feats.

But how did Pedraza manage to preserve itself from time? The town was during many centuries home to a noble family, the Dukes of Frias. Each generation added a few more noble houses or manors in which to settle parts of the family. Immune to all changes, during the first decade of the XX century the painter Ignacio Zuloaga was attracted by the village and immortalized the streets, customs and some of its people in many of his paintings. Zuloaga bought the old castle, restored it and made the town fashionable with all the intellectuals of the time. Spending summer holidays in Pedraza was like travelling to the past and the new neighbors made an effort to preserve all the historic character and flavor. The town was declared Historic-Artistic Site in 1951. During his time in Spain, Orson Welles fell in love the its old streets and immortalized them in his novel The Immortal Story, an adaptation of Isak Dinesen. Welle’s talent converted the essence of Castile, located many miles away from the sea into the port city of Macao in China in the 20’s.

Today Pedraza is an example of conservation. Hotels, rural inns and restaurants hide behind each façade. But also small business stride along side, bars, artisans among others that have haven’t changed since the XIX century.

And all this embraced by beautiful landscapes, mountains and trees all joined together to make Pedraza a magical place for an unforgettable visits which recovers part of medieval Spain.

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  • Distance to Madrid: 126 Km
  • Distance to Segovia: 38 Km
  • Recommended:
    If you are a music lover, we recommend visiting Pedraza the first and / or second weekend of July. At this time, the town celebrates night classical concerts to candlelight. The town is lit with thousands of candles that make the visit a unique experience.



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