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How to cook a Avila ribeye

News sponsored by Tierra de Sabor heart of Spain qualitty. Compilation of recipes on food products of Castile and León protected geographical indication or special quality brand.



Take 4 ribeye with his bone. It is essential that the meat has rested at least 12 days in fridge  and kick it 3/4 hours before cooking.
The steak is dipped into a pot of cold olive oil, leaving drain to release the excess oil and throwing it on a hot plate, keeping about 7 minutes per side, salting with salt and turning it over and holding 3 minutes per that side, salting and then shaking it to expel the excess salt.

IGP Carne de Ávila

Carne de Ávila (Beef from Avila) is a protected geographic designation for beef originating from the Province of Ávila in Spain. The designation was approved in 1988. Carne de Ávila is produced exclusively from livestock of the Avileña-Black Iberian breed found throughout the region of Castile and León. The regulatory board is headquarted in the city of Ávila.

The Avileña-Black Iberian breed is an evolved specimen from the serrana race, crossed with other breeds of the region, which has resulted in a small population of animals of uniform black coat, although some individuals exhibit degradations on the skin tone.

Carne de Ávila is the source of the original raw t-bone, a typical dish of the Province of Ávila, Castile and Leon, and Spain central.


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